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I have been receiving between 20 - 30 calls a day from these jerks. I have blocked well over 150 phone numbers and they continue to call with other numbers. More often that not it is a valid phone number anyway. I have told countless callers to not call. I have tried many different methods etc to stop these calls without success. Do we not have folks that are able to write a program or app that you can use to allow you to have the call sent... Read more

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I have been getting these calls for over 3 months and at least 3 times a day. Today I think I made them mad because they have called 5 times in 45 minutes. I told them they were a scam and they said that the FDA gave them my number. When I told them that I am a cop and the FDA does not give them numbers the guy told me that I did not know who I was dealing with. That was when I just happened to blow my police whistle as loud as I could... Read more

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I have recieved numerous calls from this company for two weeks now. I am on the do not call registry. When I ask for an operator id # some *** Indian repeats my phone number. The numbers they are calling me are forwarded numbers who have no idea their number is used to generate and try to steal peoples information. I am adding an app to tape the conversation of the next call so you can see how ignorant this idiots are. Yelling and threatening... Read more

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They call daily, some times more then twice with different numbers. I have told the rep. on multiple calls that I am not interested and to stop calling. I have started keeping records of the calls and numbers. This has been happening for well over a year. Add comment

These guys have been calling me for years, at least once a day. Today I got the pleasure of receiving two calls (snarky eye rolling here)! Each time I tell them to stop calling, but have NEVER had success. They always call from a different number and I always try and call them back but the number isn't valid. Today, I found a number that actually connected me to someone... 786-420-3142. The guy was an a&* but it was a real person and I told... Read more

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Nothing will stop these people from calling. I have tried everything from the nice guy approach to yelling and screaming. However there is a great free phone app that has worked wonders for me called "Should I Answer".Since installing this app on my phone (Samsung s6) I have had zero calls get through from people like these. It works great and is behind the scene. A nice bonus is that if you like you can report a number to them and then you will... Read more

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Annoying calls from different number Add comment

I get called around the same time every day...around 2 in the afternoon. Have never used the service....NEVER will. Can't imagine where they got my number About the only option I have is I try to keep them on the line...time permitting Also talk gibberish and that *** them off also RN Add comment

They call almost every day. They are extremely rude and should be charged with harassment. They are a BS company and someone needs to put them out of "business". Add comment

I have had a bit of fun with them, when they call me, I tell the caller there's a bomb in their call center. They would call, but then hang up immediately. With my new Android phone, I decided to exploit Google's harvesting of data from Android devices. I saved the suspicious numbers as contacts, named one as Bomb Maker, and another as Drug Dealer. The calls have stopped. I have had a bit of fun with them, when they call me, I tell the caller... Read more

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