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I placed an order with this company about 5 years ago and the telemarketing calls come 3 to 5 times daily from 100s of different phone numbers... using the same area code as my phone using an app to trick you into answering.

You can politely ask them to stop but they wont or you can curse them out and they still wont stop. If you deal with this company just one time you are in for a lifetime of harassment.. The only way to stop it is to change your phone # but if that is not an option then you are totally screwed. Trust me you do not want to deal with this company but if its already too late then call them at (314) 666-9790 first dial *67 to block your number.

Please commit to calling them 5 times a day...

or program this number into your phone and every time they call you, you call them .. Lets start wasting their time.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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