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i made the mistake of purchasing some medication from US Pharmacy.Once i made the purchase, the calls began.

And they never stopped! Some days, i would get upward of 20 calls per day from US Pharmacy and affiliated pharmacies. As many of you know there are computer generated calls and they simply refuse to quit. You can be rude (mistake because they make sure you continue to get calls at an increased rate) and you can be nice ( a waste of time).

Asking to speak to a supervisor is simply an exercise in futility, as is reporting them because they are out of India. I tried to simply not answer calls that i did not recognize and that helped, but the calls still came at a rate of about 4-6 per day. (because the ignored calls on my cell would go to my messages which is read as an active phone line). I just got the iPhone 6 that has a call blocking application and when i get one of these annoying calls i allow it go to voicemail, but then i put it on the blocked list.

It took about 2 weeks to block ALL their call numbers.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Have been receiving these calls for many years.I think I might have stumbled on a way to stop this for a long while.

I contacted 3 different websites looking for the provider of the last 2 numbers they used 985-747-5199 and 5198. All 3 site said this was Broadvox. Trying to contact them it turns out they were acquired by Onvoy and was given a web address on the company's phone system. I also called and left a message that I wanted to talk to some one from the legal department.

Going to their website it was redirected to another company that acquired Onvoy - Inteliquent.

I found their complaint form. While I was starting to fill the complaint form my phone rang. This was less than 2 hours after I left my phone message.

The very helpful lady that I talked to explained that they were only a bulk providers that sell Internet connections(VOIP) to other companies that then provide it to telemarketers. But she used the 2 numbers above to verify that they were the providers for the above numbers. She was not able to give out the next company's info.

She did say that they were very sensitive to this and do work with those companies to insure that the applicable laws were followed such as the FTC No Call List.

This law does apply even if the calls start outside of the US. She stated that she would contact the next company and get my number placed on the internal No Call List for that company.

She stated that this would block...

In our conversation she said she would welcome contact from others having the same problem.instead of phone calls she would prefer to get them via their online complaint form at

https://www.inteliquent.com/contact-us/report-abuse If enough of us make use of this it will probably just force them to find another provider but it may get us some respite from these calls.

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Good luck thinking you blocked them.their numbers are constantly changing and there is usually a lull between the old numbers and new ones.

I never ordered anything from these people/scammers and I get over 300 calls a year after 5 years.

My response to their question of ordering pills is: Why hasn't someone burned your company down?They will usually hang up with that comment.


All they do is generate a new skype number


FCC will not do it --- best way is reporting them to the IRS -- they are doing business pretending to be in the US without paying taxes ----HUGE Reassessment possible ! it could just put them out of business -----


I Just answer the phone and say Aryan Brotherhood. Or good afternoon this is isis!


change your phone number...


I get 20 calls a day from them.I've blocked hundreds of numbers but Verizon sends all blocked calls directly to voice mail.

Every time I need to check a legitimate message I have to wade through all their calls.

They fill my voice mail inbox in just a few days.The only choice I see is to change a cell number I've had for 20 years.


760 390 4226 a good # to call them and harass them for sure

to Bird623 #1369186

(985) 747-5198 also. I keep offering them an "inside deal" for "my friend Paul's insurance company"

Manassas, Virginia, United States #1356157

I have sending texts everytime I get a call from them on a new number I add it to a text then I text them a message like this:

oijern0b897ue4n 9h bg0uje n09jn e07hjnf9j

and it goes no0w to 17 different phone lines I like to think it is choking there system and if they call with a new number I add that to the multiple text.

Again I would like to think that is tying up there line. If more than I do it they may figure out a certain strategy to call

Of course I block each new phone but I add it to the multiple text and again I send the tex garbled text one after another for a few minutes and when I am setting doing nothing Il send a bunch of garbled texts to those numbers in hopes that it is somehow blocking the line.

The only reason I am writing this is that I have stopped getting as many calls. so add to the multiple text pool block the number and do it randomly through out the day and maybe we can choke there lines and send back to Bombay

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