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i made the mistake of purchasing some medication from US Pharmacy. Once i made the purchase, the calls began.

And they never stopped! Some days, i would get upward of 20 calls per day from US Pharmacy and affiliated pharmacies. As many of you know there are computer generated calls and they simply refuse to quit. You can be rude (mistake because they make sure you continue to get calls at an increased rate) and you can be nice ( a waste of time).

Asking to speak to a supervisor is simply an exercise in futility, as is reporting them because they are out of India. I tried to simply not answer calls that i did not recognize and that helped, but the calls still came at a rate of about 4-6 per day. (because the ignored calls on my cell would go to my messages which is read as an active phone line). I just got the iPhone 6 that has a call blocking application and when i get one of these annoying calls i allow it go to voicemail, but then i put it on the blocked list.

It took about 2 weeks to block ALL their call numbers.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So basically NOTHING WORKS! I haven't bought medicine in God knows how long and I never give my number out.

I have tried EVERYTHING and you know what works. Messing with them. Every time they call I answer in a different accent, I say I'm the US Martial, *** I even asked them if they had some *** and crack. These people will not stop.

I can honestly say I have blocked about 200 numbers, and yet they keep calling me. I've asked to speak to a supervisor, and they hang up. I have told them I'm calling the FBI, they laughed and hung up. I have told them I don't take any medication, and they hung up.

Legit NOTHING WORKS with these guys. So until they stop calling me from these random "US" numbers, I will continue to mess with them. Until someone comes up with something that will get them to stop calling, I suggest you all do the same.

Blocking one number doesn't help because they will just call you from another one. Join me in my quest to mess with them until they leave us alone!


I’ve blocked 100s of calls and they never end.




The First thing is your should have never gave them your phone number.- Aways Do Transactions From An Online Pharmacy with a Web Site.2nd You Could have saved alot of time with them Calling you By Answering the Phone(When you were Suspicious) By Answering Your Phone Acting like Someone else. "No this Is Not Bill " : This is Agent Torres I Just Got this Number. That By Itself Will stop the calls.

to Anonymous #1600793

Gee aren't you helpful, NOT


bs bs bs BS ...i have over 4000 blocked calls it does no good they spoof a new number every time they call you would have to block 350 million numbers to get these terrorist animals to stop

to jim #1588694

Your Another One Jim. If these call Bother you That Much - You could have spent 5 minutes Researching Marketing strategies.

( Since You And Tony were Dumb enough to buy pills online ) Through your Phone Number. Use the Trick i showed you guys above. For robot calls you can register with the FCC. Ill will enclose their Web site..----Best advice--Change your number- Call your phone company- You can list your number under any name you want .

use the Name Blea Blea. Yes that's right. marketing companies have access to even unlisted numbers., however their Algorithms that search for names will never pull yours. cannot and wont pull your name.

here is the Fcc data base. Just copy and paste https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/stop-unwanted-robocalls-and-texts


We need to hit us online pharmacy in the pocket, after years of asking them to stop calling, I ordered pills, then I called my credit card company a few days later and said I haven't received anything and I don't want to. They credited my account and I didn't pay for them.

Although this is wrong I'm wanting the pharmacy to go after me so I can countersue for harassment, I have tried to hire attorneys but no one wants to take the case.

If anyone has any more suggestions to make them pay, I would like to here. I would like to have a class action lawsuit.

to Tony #1583442

http://m.bluffmycall.com Sometimes it’s fun to fight fire with fire. Use this site (or another method) to spoof your number and prank call them repeatedly at (929)-999-1215.

They always answer the phone.

I like to use the same spoofed numbers that they use to call me with. Hearing them get angry and cuss me out brings a satisfactory smile to my face.


Call the Indian embassy in Washington dc everyday and complain about these terrorists in india calling themselves us pharmacy don't stop harass them like the criminals from us pharmacy harass you


For cell phones, get the app RoboKiller. Solved my problem 100% and screws with them so they think they are speaking with you. Very satisfying to know there time has been wasted.


1- The FCC should be alerted 2- the US customs should be alerted as their products cannot be sold in the US 3- the IRS should be informed as doing business in the US like that could be subject to US tax ; big reassessment for the IRS!


They are ***


that is {{Redacted}}...they call from a different number every time...if you hang up and call back it is a non working number...I have been badgered by these low life's for over 10 years...I will not change my number for business reasons..blow a whistle in the phone is the only joy I get from this...they never stop calling

to Jim #1574161

It's been 3 years for me I refuse to change my number because they will just harrass the next poor sob that gets the number. I have over 1200 numbers blocked and still going. Should I win the lottery I shall hire mercenaries to assassinate the lot of them.

to Jim #1578728

Sorry no way these criminal scaming *** bag terrorists who call themselves u.s. pharmacy selling illegal poison will ever stop callimg anyone...ever..I have over 5000 calls from these terrorists they call all day long 7 days a week 365 days a year and almost every time with a different spoofed or stolen number..this is war these evil pos are not just unscrupulous businessman they are evil terrorists selling poison that can kill you and they could care less


I've blocked 500 plus numbers from US Pharmacy.....till get 5 calls daily.....

to Thomas Weiss #1578732

I've blocked over 5000 it don't matter they use a different fake number each time they call if you call it back they are all out of service or spme poor slob answeres and screams why are hundreds of people calling me..these people have no idea us pharmacy terrorists have spoofed their number


Does not work. I have been blocking them for over a year & they still continue. I never ordered anything from them...ever.

to Anonymous #1578734

Neither did I you don't have to order anything from these criminals they buy your name from other companies that you may have ordered something from or they just steal them offline

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