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i made the mistake of purchasing some medication from US Pharmacy.Once i made the purchase, the calls began.

And they never stopped! Some days, i would get upward of 20 calls per day from US Pharmacy and affiliated pharmacies. As many of you know there are computer generated calls and they simply refuse to quit. You can be rude (mistake because they make sure you continue to get calls at an increased rate) and you can be nice ( a waste of time).

Asking to speak to a supervisor is simply an exercise in futility, as is reporting them because they are out of India. I tried to simply not answer calls that i did not recognize and that helped, but the calls still came at a rate of about 4-6 per day. (because the ignored calls on my cell would go to my messages which is read as an active phone line). I just got the iPhone 6 that has a call blocking application and when i get one of these annoying calls i allow it go to voicemail, but then i put it on the blocked list.

It took about 2 weeks to block ALL their call numbers.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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Use an auto redialer app to spam them back. After they've had enough they go away for about a month. Repeat as needed


You are lying...blocking doesn't work for these people...they have hundreds of application numbers generated as needed...still trying to get these people to stop calling me


Happy blocking numbers worked for you.It has been over 1 year now and I continue to get an average of 4 - 6 calls per day.

Sometimes I will have a blessed break for a week or two, then they are right back at it. Their numbers show up and any city, state combination you can imagine and now they sometimes even come through as toll free 877 or 800 numbers. The ironic part is when I do pick up - more than half the time they Hang Up on ME. I can't not answer because my business phone forwards calls to my cell number when I am away from my desk.

I have over 200 blocked numbers....or more.

I can only see 50 at a time that are blocked then it clears...and I am sure I have reached that limit at least 4 times.Please post if anyone has a newer solution.


I have blocked over 200+ calls from them and they wont stop.I get 2-3 calls a day.

I have never ordered ANYTHING from them and have no idea how they even got my number. I have even tried apple apps like (SIA) that screen calls and this didn't even work. They have a computer routing calls from all different zip codes.

I cant believe in this day and age with technology we cant find a way to block these towel heads.Unbelievable!


I love this guy's answer and I think this is what I will do.

"HAahaha.I get them too and its sooooo annoying.

Now what i do is i go ahead and buy the medication, then dispute the charge on the credit card, which they ALWAYS refund becasue of the shadyness.Got EEEEMMMMMM!

hahahaha try it! it works!"

Today, I asked the guy to not hang up and just listen. I get a call every day and I mean every day.

He called me his "friend" and told me the way to end the calls is to purchase something.I said, "Do I sound like an idiot to you?" Infuriating.

So, now, I think I WILL purchase some medications from my "friend" and then dispute the charges.


to Laura E #1432358

I dispute charges all the time .


I block their numbers every time, and they just come up with an infinite number of new numbers.I get 20 phone calls a day from them.

Even blocking all numbers from other area codes doesn't work because they can spoof my own area code. What is their website?

I wonder if anyone has hit them with a DDOS.Their website could be shut down.


It’s impossible to block all their calls I have 300 blocked and the *** still call. I waste as much time as I can on them asked him 1 million questions waste their time and tell them where to go that’s what gets them pissed


I have been harassed by these *** heads from India for 4 years now.They will never,never stop.

I have tried everything. These Indians are now harassing thousands & thousands of Americans . Americans need to get together and stop these {{REDACTED}}, get an attorney to sue these bastards, or get some government agency or some high ranking politician to help use.

Believe me they will never stop.Its unbelievable that in America , a third world country with low class people can make our lives miserable.


It's pitiful that these people have nothing better to do than harass people all day long, day after day, year after year.Why doesn't some government agency put a stop to this?

If' it's from Dubai,India..

someone call up Dubai and tell them to find that company and get them to stop.

90% of the calls I get are from those idiots.

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