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i made the mistake of purchasing some medication from US Pharmacy. Once i made the purchase, the calls began.

And they never stopped! Some days, i would get upward of 20 calls per day from US Pharmacy and affiliated pharmacies. As many of you know there are computer generated calls and they simply refuse to quit. You can be rude (mistake because they make sure you continue to get calls at an increased rate) and you can be nice ( a waste of time).

Asking to speak to a supervisor is simply an exercise in futility, as is reporting them because they are out of India. I tried to simply not answer calls that i did not recognize and that helped, but the calls still came at a rate of about 4-6 per day. (because the ignored calls on my cell would go to my messages which is read as an active phone line). I just got the iPhone 6 that has a call blocking application and when i get one of these annoying calls i allow it go to voicemail, but then i put it on the blocked list.

It took about 2 weeks to block ALL their call numbers.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I got them to stop for a while, by calling their main number (888-297-9866 I think) and telling the guy that I was cancelling my (fictional) order because I told the guy that if they call me tomorrow or any other day I would call my credit card company and cancel the charges, and yep, you guys called me the very next day. The guy on the phone was actually apologetic and told me he would make sure my number wouldn't be called again.

It seemed to work for more than a month, zero calls.

But then about once a week I think they were trying to reach me again. Only now a few months later does it seem to be random times every other day that made me look them up and find this site.


does not work..they have been doing this to me for 5 yrs straight..no joke..without fail every single day..truth be told they get off when i tell them to go *** themselves every single day..lol


I’ve tried that. They still keep coming.

I get 16 to 20 calls every day but Sunday. I only get 5 or 6. This has been going on for over 2 years.

Can’t we sue US pharmacy. They’ve now taken to filling up my voicemail box.


I have over 500 numbers blocked from them and they still call daily. They just call from a new number each time.


Don't matter how many times I block... They always seem to have a new # to use which a disconnected # by the time I try to call back. It's a scam that's getting out if hand


Just a thought, What if we said, "you know, don't need anything right now, but I think my buddy (fill in your congressmans name) does, here is his phone number. If we could get 100 people to give them these numbers, maybe some bigshots could do something about.

I'm thinking even if its the office number although I have one of my congressmans cells. Type your message here

to SickofBob #1482302

OMG... That is just wonderful.

I would like to have the salesman, I use this title extremely loosely, home phone number and barrage them with time consumig phone calls.

They are like a bad case of herpes that just keep erupting and they only go into sequestration for a very short time. There is not enough acyclovir in this world to get rid of these herpetic lesions...

to SickofBob #1483617

Omg! What a great idea! I’m looking mine up now!


Their main number. 314-666-9790.

Put *67 in front of the number to block yours. Call them and let them know how happy we are to receive their harassment.


It's time the law steps in, I've never seen nothing like it. It's been going on for 5 years and the same thing 5 to 20 calls per day, and u can't block all the different numbers. I'm sick of this *** I'm sure some kind of legal action could shut this *** down.

to Kerry #1484496

They been calling me 4-8 times a day to what do you do ???

to Tony walker #1486110

you take time and *** with them..put them on hold..tell them you want some and your getting your credit card across the street..give them 15 of the 16 numbers on your cc...bullshit numbers ...lol


I have never purchased anything from them. Never stopped blocking the numbers.

5 years and 300 blocked numbers and they still call me sometimes 6 times a day.

I have told them to go back to f* their goat, I have gotten nasty with them, they have gotten nasty with me. They won’t stop.


The best thing is to hire a hacker to destroy their computer system. I know that sounds like fantasy, but it would be totally do-able for a small group of about 100 people.

to Greg69 #1476799

And to let you in on my state of mind: these people are total criminals who operate with impunity. I've taken hundreds of calls from them. If I thought $40 would help hire a pro to take down their servers I would mail it tomorrow.

to Greg69 #1477380

I have called them every name in the book. Got descriptive on how they are goat {{redacted}} (not bc I’m racist bc they just won’t stop and I’m desperate) no lie, some days they have called me 5,6 times.

This has gone on for more then 5 years. One point I was trying to bore them to death with just answering and muting it for a year, blowing a whistle in the phone for a long time, relentless. Now i just start off asking “are you taking any daily medications? I need to know” they tell me they are on viagra.

I ask them why their isn’t getting it up for them. I get ugly, but cheese and rice, why waste the calls on people that have made it clear they are not interested?

to Dmnimfne #1484498

Same here

to Greg69 #1482305

I'm in!!!


been blocking them for over 2 years and still get 2 to 5 calls a day.


i block all calls that come from that area code, and they still continue, i most have every number blocked with that same area code, and they don't stop. i have called them names, and was really nice and told them to stop calling.

i have never bought anything from them, how the *** do they get my number. they stress me out so bad, i have taken my phone off the hook starting at 8am until late night. i don't feel i should have to do that to get them to stop. it cost a fortune to get my number changed.

what the *** is a person to do. i'm totalled stressed to the limit. glad i don't live near them.

somebody please if you have a suggestion that works to stop them please publish a solution please help. can't take anymore

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