They call from all different area codes and you can hear the boiler room operation in the background. Do not know how to get them to stop.

EXTREMELY annoying. They do not abide by the do not call list and when you mention to take you off their list it is ignored. I would love to see who sold their master list of phone numbers because Im sure nobody has ever ordered from them to begin with. You cannot avoid their calls because the calls are made from 800, 718,212, and other area codes.

The average person answers what appears to be a cell phone number only to be surprised and aggravated when its US Pharmacy on the other line. I have gotten well over 500 phone calls.

Unfortunately I don't answer calls I don't recognize now but run the risk of it being an emergency from a legitimate family member. Something needs to get done.

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help--- us on line pharmecy never never stops calling I could just scream!!!!!!!

Hardeeville, South Carolina, United States #1247602

I get between 3-10 calls a day. Since I'm in the process of selling my house, I have to answer them.

I would offer a reward for finding out who own United States Pharmacy or U.S. Pharmacy and where at least one office is located.

One visit by me, would end all the harassing phone calls. My Republican elected (not by me) officials don't give a *** after my many phone calls to all of them.

to Anonymous #1429144

It's not a political thing. The {{Redacted}} do nothing about it either.

I wonder why it is JUST "US Pharmacy" and not other companies? I used to get hammered in a similar way from several boiler rooms in Arizona, but that stopped.

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