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I to have had to block each and every number they call from... Unfortunately they get new LOCAL NUMBERS EVERYDAY and call me sometimes as many as 20 ruined a day and now send me text messages with their drug list!

I agree with the other poster once I freaked out on then the calls were way worse and when I asked to speak to supervise I got an even more pushy Saleman. I wish these guys were working under me here in America selling cars and I'd be a billionaire! Unfortunately they are just driving me crazy and forcing me to change my 17 year old cell phone number (eventually) for now I'm using burner app to get a $5 a month phone number to give me clients and not answering ANY NUMBER NOT PROGRAMMED IN MY PHONE (Other than the 20+ marked Indian pharmacy!) There's no other way to do as I've been battling this for two years and feel defeated as I just always leave phone on silent and miss client calls.

FYI..?Be sure to uncheck box that you want to be contacted by the company if you write a complaint here... It AUTOMATICALLY CHECKS THE BOX FOR YOU

Product or Service Mentioned: Us Online Pharmacy Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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how do you get them to quite calling they call for my husband and he has died they don't get it

to csut #1510693

U can’t. Download ymail and set a disconnected recording for the numbers they call from and don’t answer ANY number you don’t know.

Get a google voice number for free and tell your friends and family to call on it (set it up easily to forward to your old number) be sure and select for your caller I’d to show your google voice Number instead of the collars real number so you’ll know that it’s a true phone call you should except as only your friends and family will have the Google voice number during the interim.

I’ve noticed after Not answering any of their calls for the past couple months they were only calling about once a month plus I’ve been using Google Voice for the past couple months for any calls I shouldn’t let go to voicemail such as clients friends and family. In fact I’ll use my original phone number for voicemails that as I go to the voicemails I’ll call back the people that I know and give them my Google voice number it’s the best way I’ve found to keep your existing phone number for those you forget to give your new phone number to

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